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Resonance Consulting LLC and Resonance Technologies LLC utilize experienced, professional, responsive NMR experts to serve our cutomers' needs.  We have long-standing relationships with highly experienced NMR applications chemists, service personel, probe repair experts, and used parts providers for both Agilent/Varian and Bruker NMR spectrometers.  We offer high value annual service contracts with on-site emergency response times as short as 24 hours.


Original equipment manufacturers such as Agilent and Bruker will often restrict their support options to their own personnel.  Due to their scale, they need to limit service personnel staffing to a level that is below peak service demands of their extensive customer base in order to assure stable employment for their workforce.  This can lead to slower response times during periods of high service demands. 


Resonance Consulting is a small consulting company that can quickly tap into a large network of trusted partners and subcontractors to assure rapid response to our customer's needs.


NMR applications, repairs, maintenance, GLP calibrations and instrument certifications, host computer software and hardware upgrades, Linux to Windows data mirroring and backup, preventative maintenance, liquid He-fill support, technical phone support, user training



Features of FLEXuport annual service contracts include:

-flexibility to interchange repairs and applications support as needed

-rapid response from talented NMR specialists

-cost is built on days of work

-full return on investment in good years and in bad years

-incentives for rapid emergency response

-enhance up-time and extend useful life of older systems

-both on-site and phone support

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March 24, 2021

Looking forward to seeing everyone at some future ENC where we can all be face to face again.  Look forward to catching up with everyone.  Take care.


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‹TEL: Don Emerson





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Resonace Consulting LLC

Experienced, professional, and responsive NMR experts.