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S. Don Emerson, Ph.D.


Principal of Resonance Consulting LLC

CEO of Resonance Technologies LLC


34 years of NMR Experience:


-11 years as CEO of Resonance Technologies LLC

-6 years as Research Fellow leading Protein NMR and Biophysics Group, Pfizer, Ann Arbor, MI, (drug discovery, structural biology, fragment screening)

-9 years as Principal Scientist, Protein NMR, Physical Chemistry Group, Hoffmann-La Roche, Nutley, NJ (drug discovery, protein structures, fragment screening, Nutlin-MDM-2 inhibitor of prot.-prot. interaction)

-2 years Research Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, Rutgers University (heteronuclear protein NMR methods development in collaboration with Guy Montelione)

-2 years Varian applications chemist, Florham Park, NJ

-Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, UC Davis (NMR of paramagnetic Heme proteins with Gerd La Mar)

-BA in Chemistry/Biochemistry UC San Diego


Resonance Technologies


is a partnership between Don Emerson of Resonance Consulting LLC and Don Frank of Open Technologies Inc..  Don's and Don's collective NMR experience, spans a broad range of applications, maintenance, and engineering support.  While they are the primary service providers of in-lab support, when a customer's needs better fit someone else's expertise, they will bring in the best person for the job from their trusted network of experienced NMR colleagues.

FLEXuport is an annual NMR service contract offered by Resonance Technologies that features:
-incentives built-in for rapid response (customer-declared emergency option)

-cost built on days of service enables full return on investment

-interchange applications or repair days

-regularly scheduled preventative maintenance improves up-time

-network of support personnel extends beyond what NMR spectrometer vendors offer


Don Frank, MBA

CEO of Open Technologies Inc.

CFO of Resonance Technologies LLC


27 years of NMR Experience:


-13 years as CEO and lead engineer of Open Technologies (specialties include: current and legacy Varian NMRs, liquid, solids, micro-imaging, imaging; current and legacy Bruker liquids systems; UNIX/LINUX system and network administration)

-14 years as Senior Engineer with Varian Field Service

-MBA, University of Notre Dame

-BSIT, University of Phoenix



Key Partners Include:

David Kiemle - Syracuse University

Arnold Itkin - NMR Associates

Jonathan Lee - Critical Instruments Inc.

Jin Shan Wang - JS Research





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