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Our Expertise

Whether you have a short term problem, or want an annual service contract, Resonance Consulting and Resonance Technologies can help.  Thanks for considering us for your NMR service needs.  We look forward to working with you.
NMR Applications

-Implmentation and testing of literature pulse sequences leaving you with working parameters. 

-Custom data processing and quantitation proceedures.

-Calibrations of probe files (Agilent) and prosol tables (Bruker)

-Gradient shim maps, configuration and testing of automation.




Technical Phone Support

-FLEXuport contracts include not only time in-house but time on the phone.

-We maintain office computers running VNMRJ and Topspin to help us see what you should see.

-Trouble shooting problems on the phone will either resolve a problem immediately or clarify what parts/boards to order prior the on-site repair.



NMR Applications
Instrument Removal and Relocation Services

-Magnet and spectrometer moves.

-Palletization and rigging.

-Re-energization and instrument calibration.




Host Computer Upgrade

-A new host computer such as a Dell or HP with a high resolution flat panel monitor can make an older spectrometer feel new again

-You can purchase the computer on your own, or buy it from us, we will configure it for you either way.

-We know what versions of Linux, Windows, VNMRJ, Topspin to use for your type of spectrometer

-We can customize your system to enable data backup within your Windows IT environment even if you run a Linux operating system on your spectrometer.

Instrument and Probe Purchases
Instrument and Probe Purchases

-Buying new or used, it helps to have an experienced spectroscopist to give advice on the spectrometer configuration that will meet your needs.

-Sales and installation of used probes

-Testing of probe perfomance against its specifications and advice on when measured performance warrents a probe repair or upgrade.

Fragment Screening Strategies

-Protein detected and ligand detected NMR strategies.

-Fragment Library selection.

-Strategic use of bioassay and other biophysical binding methods (SPR and calorimetry)

Training, Customization, and Automation

-Basic and advanced training with appropriate level of theoretical background.

-Custom protocol development and testing of automation to make your data acquisitions reliable and repeatable.

-Sales and installations of used low-cost sample changers.

-Step by step instruction sheets to help remember infrequent tasks

GLP Periodic Recertification and Change Control

-Establish change control documents related to host computer upgrades and software revisions.

-Document performance equivalence before and after system changes

-Recalibration of probe files with standard measurements of pulse length, lineshape, signal-to-noise, decoupler performance, etc.


Instrument and Probe Purchases
Liquid Helium Fill Support

-He fill service or training of on-site staff

-Customer provides the liquid Helium

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